Taylor County Moving for a Cure raises funds to support cancer patients living within Taylor County. Funds will be granted to patients regardless of insurance status, income base, or where treatment is received to offset expenses associated with current treatments for cancer. The treatment access fund is available for all ages facing cancer treatments.

Why did the group become independent?

Taylor County Moving for a Cure was previously associated with the American Cancer Society and has been raising funds for nearly 40 years at the annual 5k Run/Walk. The group was reorganized as a  grass-roots committee with the goal of dispersing all of the proceeds from the event to cancer patients living within our communities. All funds raised will stay with the residents of Taylor County.

How can families apply for funds?

The group will begin receiving grant applications June 1, 2017. The applications will be available on this website and with the Taylor County Health Department.

What are the requirements to recieve funds?

  1. A resident of Taylor County for at least one year (must provide address for verification).
  2. Currently receiving cancer treatment from a state licensed/certified oncology healthcare provider.
  3. Currently receiving chemotherapy, radiation and/or other treatment approved by a Board Certified physician.
  4. Provide a letter from your oncologist stating you are currently receiving treatment.
  5. Eligibility for grant funds is not dependent on age. All ages of cancer patients are eligible.


How will funds be dispersed?

We will provide a onetime per year stipend of $1,000.00.  There are no requirements on how this money must be spent.  Our hope is this funding will provide you some financial relief with paying costs toward such items as personal bills, gas for travel to appointments, groceries, and deductibles towards your costs associated with treatment or childcare.

Is Taylor County Moving For A Cure a 501c3 charity?

Taylor County Moving For A Cure, through a partnership with Medford Area for Tormorrow Inc, can accommodate donations from individuals and companies that require 501c3 status by having checks made out to MATI and specifying TCM4C. MATI is a 501c3 charity which holds the funds for us and helps to disperse funds to our grant recipients.